Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Penland Part 1 - 'A Treasure Hunt'

Penland Session 4: Upper Metals

'A Treasure Hunt' with Mary Kanda

(image: Oak Leaf brooch by Mary Kanda)

I had the pleasure of being the studio assistant for a metals workshop at
Penland School of Crafts for two amazing weeks this July. It was an all levels jewelry workshop that focused on mixed materials and color, including mosaic bead inlay with grout and encaustics. I think I was pretty lucky, we had a great instructor, a wonderful class dynamic, people with all levels of experience. Everyone was enthusiastic and more than willing to help each other out. And, of course, it must be mentioned that the metals studios at Penland are fantastic!

Below is the brooch I made that was inspired by the workshop.


Oxidized sterling silver with a stainless steel pin mechanism. Czech glass beads (red) with dark red encaustic. Various glass and onyx beads strung on red silk.

I did make quite a few other things during the two weeks which were inspired by colaborations and trades. Look out for additional Penland posts.

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  1. Hi Amy! I am still trying to get my head on straight after my art camp extravaganza and I must say, our brooch collaboration is keeping me spinning. I've been hyping future brooches to all the SF/East Bay ladies and gents who inquire about mine...I'm confident we could move a handful of sweater brooches at the very least!

    Hope all is well and that your move to Houston is going swimmingly!